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Indian Trail (NC 28079 - 8758) is not for sale at the moment, but a Charlotte commercial real estate company expects to begin construction of a 1.5 million square foot commercial and residential building with a median list price of $355,000. A Florida real estate developer has submitted plans to build a grocery store - a retail center on the corner of Indian Trail Road and North Carolina Avenue in Charlotte. This is the first commercial development in the area in more than a decade and the second in three years.

Buyers of Indian Trail should expect minimal room for negotiation, especially in the hot Indian Trail community where discounts are 99%. In other words, the median price of a single-family home is significantly lower in each year than in any other part of the year, except for the spring and summer months.

There are an average of 69 days spent on the market and an average of 35 days spent resting. Be sure your children are safe, learning and developing socially while having fun every day at Sunshine House in Mint Hill. There's an average of 53 days spent in the markets and that's the same as the median price of a single-family home in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

If you are a bank manager and looking for a home away from the hustle and bustle, Indian Trail is just right for you. Living in Indian River offers access to Norfolk International, which is a short drive from Charlotte, Charlotte International Airport and Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Airport. It's no wonder that the Indian Trail in North Carolina has become such a popular place to live with its great weather, great shopping and great restaurants.

There are many reasons to call Indian Trail Home, but comfort, convenience and style are just some of the features you will find here at Indian Trail Apartments. The springs at Indian Creek in Carrollton, TX offer the best of both worlds - great weather, great shopping and great restaurants. One of our most popular retirement communities in North Carolina is the age-restricted Indian Lookout Apartions, located in the heart of the Indian River, just one mile from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Airport. This is a large senior citizen-friendly apartment with a variety of amenities and facilities.

There are 3 beds for $2,000 each, while the lot is 42,689 square feet, and there is also a 3-bedroom , 2-bath apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Most of the area is served by the Indian Trail Real Estate Office at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Airport. They can help you with various types of transactions, including credit card transactions, bank transfers, mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, taxes, and more.

If you want to find Indian Trail, you can also call our discount brokers, who offer commission discounts and cash refunds. If you need their service to help you listing your home, contact us at 1-888-743-5555 or call Carol Fox of Allen Tate Realtors. We allow one of our experienced team members to assist you throughout the purchase process, whether it is a first-time buyer or a new home buyer in the home market.

Whether you are moving to the area or already own a home in the area, Chad is a great agent who looks after his clients throughout the purchase and sale process.

Minnesota State Highway 218 is a freeway that runs through FSBO and you have access to many great views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Find out - down to the last place - about the latest news, weather, traffic and more by searching through the latest real estate listings of FS BOE! Check out the new properties on the Indian Trail North Carolina and take a look at some of our favorite properties in the area that are for sale in our new series of posts.

The busy Highway 74 corridor provides access to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Indian Trail North Carolina. The west end of the road begins to intersect with Interstate at the intersection of I-64 and Interstate 95, south of FSBO.

New homeowners are attracted to this community because of its proximity to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Indian Trail North Carolina. There are special types of properties that interest you: for example, you might be interested in a detached house with private access, or a detached or semi-detached house with bathroom, triple or quadruple rooms, five or four-bedroom house with bathroom.

If you are looking for help for your house, please contact the following offices: the Indian Public Housing Office (PIH). Grants can be used for the development, maintenance and operation of affordable housing or for other community development projects such as the Indian Trail Neighborhood Association (see "Living on Public Land"). For more information about the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the National Park Service (NPS), contact our office at (828) 762-5555.

More About Indian Trail

More About Indian Trail